Like other home appliances, robot vacuum cleaner needs regular maintenance too in order to keep a long-time use and ensure the performance. Of course, a worth-noting point is that you have to get a clear understanding about how to install every part. Be sure to read the User Manual thoroughly before using. A sound maintenance minimizes costs. So take care of your robotic after reading the followings.

Clear the Filter and Dustbin

Don't let the filter over-fill or become too densely packed. You should clean the filter once a week. If you are keeping pets, twice per week is recommended while dustbin should be emptied after each use. Wipe the filter with dry cloth and put it at a dry place to air it. prevent debris from accumulating and causing a malfunction of the robot.


Like any other mechanics, the wheels direct the way and keep the mechanic run smoothly. Use screw driver to remove the wheels and clean. Do not use water to clean them but a dust brush in order to remove any built up dirt.

Tracking Sensor

The tracking sensor is like a navigator. It detects the obstacles and protect itself from being hit or damaged. You can clean the sensor with a soft cloth. Cleaners, bleach or detergent should not be used as it may damage the lens.

Clear the side brushes

Side brush needs to be changed depending on the frequency you use your robotics. It might get cluttered with hair. If not cleared, extra battery load would be added, which would directly have impact on battery life. So after the robot vacuum cleaner finishes its work, you should take the brushes down and manually clear them.


Battery is essential to the working performance. Solid battery lasts for a longtime. A key point is that battery should be in of periodical use to improve its performance. Don't forget to turn on the charging dock before you leave home, otherwise the cleaner could not power itself automatically.


Water scale would remain on the cloth which is hard to wash. To avoid that, remember to wash it everyday. Of course, if the cloth wears out, then time to change a new piece.

Maintenance for a robotic vacuum is not that much different than maintenance of any other mechanics. You just need to be patient and scrupulous. Emptying the filter bin regularly, cleaning your brushes every month or so, and updating the software and firmware as necessary. If you do these things, your cleaner will function the way that it should for many years.